:: April 15, 2021

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List of Projects Executed...

  • Supply of instrumentation item for primary and secondary brine system-Ashok Organic Industries Ltd-Caustic soda plant.

  • Supply of field and panel instruments including indicators, isolators, converters etc. for Travancore cements ltd. White Cements Plant. Also supply of computer based process parameter monitoring system (Data Acquisition System)

  • Supply of Electronic instruments for rotation Angle converter system - Vizag steel plant - Balst Furnace

  • Supply of Electronic instruments for spout cooling system- ACC babcock ltd., Turnkey systems suppliers for paper plant

  • Supply of field and panel instruments like PID electronic controllers, level transmitters, I/P, P/I Converters, indicators etc. for rayalaseema group of companies - Sulphuric acid plant

  • Design,engineer,manufacture,supply of Hot Standby Sand Riffer System with computer graphic mimics and PLC system and Electronic Sequential Timers for Century Pulp and Papers, U.P.,
PLC Based Electronic timer Sand Riffler System  

The objective of the standby Timer with PLC-based solution is to enhance the operational functionalities for continuous running of Sand Riffler System so as to provide maximum benefits to the End User  

The characteristic advantage of the above system is that it is fail-safe and fault-proof as we have offered a combination of separate Electronic Timer Panel and AEG Modicon PLC Panel, besides Computer System and Graphic MIMICS. Any changes in the operations of valves can be done on-line, without stopping the process and can be down-loaded in to the PLC after necessitating the corrections 

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  • Design,Engineering, Manufacture, Commissioning of Scanners, Converters, ammunicators for Cell voltage scanner system for monitoring the voltage of Mercury cell by Electrolysis for M/s.Jayshree Chemicals Ltd., Ganjam

Advantages of our Online Cell voltage Scanners System:

The above system is used for closely monitoring the inputs, thereby saving the Electricity per tonnage production of Caustic Soda/Caustic Lye and Chlorine Manufactured by Mercury/ Membrane cell Technology.  

The CELL SCAN is a Energy Conservation Equipment and also offers a package of innumerable benefits and savings in costs such as: 

- Better cell Efficiency  
- Reduction in chemical consumption 
- Increase in purity of products  
- Lower operating, maintenance cost 
- Increased capacity utilisation  
- Energy conservation

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  • Supply of electronic instruments for hand indicating controller of paper machine and field, panel instruments. I/P, P/I Converters for M/s.Amrir Papers, Shaila Khurd, Punjab

  • Supply of field and panel instruments complete with temperature transmitters, isolator transmitter with Control Desk Panel, Wiring and Commissioning for M/s.English Indian Clay MFG. Co. Trivandrum
  • Engineering, Mfr and supply of electronic instruments, instrument panels and PLC system with computer graphics MIMICS for sewage tratement plant to a highly reputed government body under WORLD BANK aided project.

Project:  Sewage Treatment Plant

The above instrument panel is for a  highly reputed government agengy for Monitoring the pressure flow and level parameters & Controlling the process using MODICON PLC's for "SEWAGE PUMPING STATIONS".

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