:: April 15, 2021

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General Purpose Transmitters or Converters
Current Loop Supplies
  Two wire Transmitters
Power /AC Transducers
Digital Display
Head Mounted Transmitter with Sensor Digital Indication
Pneumafill Motor Speed Controller

Technical Specifications 

Salient Features
  • Energy Saving
  • Auto - Manual Selection
  • Improved Machine Performance
  • Closed Loop System
  • Suction Pressure Maintained
  • Higher percentage of Depreciation
  • Set Pressure Adjustment

Energy cost has become the largest conversion cost and is increasing at an accelerate pace and further there is a scarcity of power.

As a result, there has been a constant vigil, by the end users, to find out a system, to reduce the energy cost. However the use of modern machinery to produce high quality product, at low costs, results in an increased power consumption.

In Spinning Industry, there is tremendous pressure, to reduce the cost of production, since, the margin of profit is very minimum. The major factors other than raw material are labour and power. The cost of power is very much on the higher side and is increasing in the course of time.

One area, where the reduction of power consumption is arrived at, is the case of a pneumafil motor of a ring frame, which is running at a constant speed to maintain a constant suction pressure, irrespective of the number of breakages. The speed of the motor is fixed, such that, sufficient pressure is maintained for maximum number of breakages, that one can exxpect under bad working conditions. But, during regular operation,when the breakage level is low, the pressure is much higher than required.

Product Description

Our system of Energy Control Unit, maintain the required pressure, by proper speed control of the pneumafil fan motor, thereby reducing the power drawn by the motor,resulting in saving of energy. The technology used in maintaining the requires pressure results in excellent working condition of the machine without affecting the level of production.

The above system has been tried out at various Spinning Mills and the results are encouraging and readings shows to the tune of minimum of 50 % saving of power in normal working conditions. For mills maintaining excellent working conditions, the savings will be more substantial.


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