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Technical Specifications   

          AIMS AP1655 series converter provide the quality and highly stable components for measuring the low range values of pressure and are specifically designed for this.
They employs the latest in semiconductor technology for stfable performance.

A closed type bridge configuration is provided for electrical connection. This converter unit also contains a high accuracy Instrumentation amplifiers with voltage controlled precision references.

State of the art design and trimming small size make it ideally suited for many applications. The true two-wire configuration allows signal and power to be supplied on a single wire-pair by modulating the power supply current with input signal.

Installation, Calibration and Commissioning are simplified by compact design integral junction box and local zero and span adjustments.

The entire unit is housed in a die-cast aluminium enclosure.

The digital indicator unit provides a 3 digits numeric display of the respective engineering unit in terms of mmWC. This indicator incorporates devices like large scale integrated circuits, low drift opamps, reference zeners, regulators, etc., The entire unit can be drawn out by removing the screws at the backside. Optionally, two switches are provided in the front panel to read either the input or the setpoints (alarm and trip) and the setpoints can be varied by means of the potentiometer that are provided in the front panel and their respective relay contact outputs are available at the rear end of the instrument for the external use.


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