:: April 15, 2021

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Technical Specifications  Characteristics

Salient Features
  • Sensor and Electronics fully enclosed
  • Fully Temperature compensated
  • Weather proof die-cast aluminium enclosure
  • Local zero and span adjustments
  • Easy installation
  • True two-wire configuration
Product Description

          High power diesel engines are equipped with air coolers to cool the air supplied for engine breathing. These charge air coolers cool the turbocharger compressed air supplied to the cylinders. These coolers will have fins, through which air flows. The air is cooled by the system water. Reduction of this temperature ensures higher density of air with required mass flow rate.Any restriction to flow of air will reflect in higher charge air temperature and also increase in the deltapee across the coolers. In such a situation air coolers to be cleaned to ensure optimum efficiency. In many installations this parameter is measured by a manometer. Proper measurements of this will help to decide the air cooler cleaning period. If the coolers are not cleaned in time, then it will result in higher fuel consumption.

The following illustrates a small example with regards to the impact of cleanliness of charge air cooler :
Say, deltapee increases by 100mmWC across the cooler above the nominal value.
  • Increase in fuel consumption will be 2 g / kwhr
  • Operating hours would be 2000 hours
  • Load would be 5000 kw
  • Loss of fuel would be 0.002 kg/kwhr x 2000 hrs x 5000 kw = 20,000 kg.

          The above gives you an idea about the savings, if timely cleaning is carriedout in the charge air coolers. The earlier trend was to measure this parameter with a U tube, which has its own drawbacks and to overcome this, AIMS, who have been pioneering in the development of Instrumentation for critical parameters such as Crankcase space monitor unit, have comeout with a rugged reliable Instrument to measure continuously the deltapee across the air cooler and also gives an alarm when the cooler requires cleaning.

Hence the Instrument will ultimately prove an essential one in achieving greater saving in fuel for operator.


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