Pneumafill Motor Speed Controller

         We have pleasure in introducing ourselves as control instrumentation and system Integration company having expertise in computers, communication and control system. We undertake supply of Turnkey C&I projects and supply Electronic process control Instruments manufactured by us.

We are looking for the following to partner with us for our products :

*OEM DG set manufacturers
*DG set service / maintenance   companies
*DG set Spares / parts sellers /   distributors / dealers
*DG set installation / consultancy   companies
*Shipping service companies

M/S. Advanced Instrumentation & Measuring Systems, Chennai, has commissioned Energy Saving Device unit for Pneumafil Fan Motor of LR / KTTM Ring frame in the month of August 2006 for 8 frames. The unit is working very well without any problem and gives an energy saving to the tune of 40% and more without affecting Production and Quality. We are happy with the system unit supplied.

Mr. R.K. Gupta
Chief Engineer
M / S Rajasthan Textile Mills,
Bhawanimandi, Rajasthan


We  have  procured  from  M/S.  Advanced  Instrumentation  &  Measuring  Systems,  Chennai,  an  Energy  Saving  Device  unit,  Model  ESU123B,  for  Pneumafil  Fan  Motor  of  LR6  Ring  frame  in  the  month  of  September  2006  and  commissioned  the  same  in  3  Ring  frames.  All  of  them  are  working  satisfactorily  without  any  problem  and  gives  energy  saving  more  than  40%  and  we  are  happy  with  the  system  unit  supplied  and  placed  further  orders  with  them.

Mr. M.R. Pillai
Senior  General  Manager – Works
M / S.  GTN  Industries  Ltd,  Nagpur  Unit.


We  have  commissioned  09 Nos  of  Energy  Saving  Device  unit,  Model ESU123B,  supplied  by  M/S.  Advanced  Instrumentation  &  Measuring  Systems,  Chennai,  in  SUSSEN  make  Ring  frame  for  Pneumafil  Fan  Motor  in  the  month  of  October 2006.  All  of  them  are  working  well  without  affecting  Production  and  Quality  and  gives  energy  saving  around  45%  and  we  are  satisfied  with  the  system  supplied  and  their  services.

Mr. P. Ulaganathan
Factory  Manager
M / S.  Subburaj  Cotton  Mills  Ltd.


M/s Advanced Instrumentation & Measuring System - Chennai has installed a Crank case Space Monitoring unit in our 18V32 Wartsila engines in December - 2002. Unit is working well without any problem & giving indication in digital mode for online status of inside crankcase of the engine.

Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd.,
Gen. Manager (Power Plant)

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